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Tips For Fixing A Fridge That Doesn't Stay Cold

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Refrigerators are a lifesaver. This is not just about beating the summer heat or having a machine that can preserve your leftover food. It's about having the most basic and important thing in life preserved the way they should be. Ice Cream. You bought an ice cream at the store, you put it in the fridge for an hour and when it's time to eat, it starts to melt. Where is the justice in that?

There are many reasons why a fridge doesn't stay cold. One reason is if the fridge door does not close properly. When this happens, the cool air is not contained as it should be. Instead, the cool air will dissipate outside and the warm air will in return perforate in the fridge. This causes the products to melt slowly. Other causes of fridge failing to cool include dirty condenser coils, low-temperature setting and even defrost malfunction.

Before calling in for an appliance repair, there are ways for you as an owner to figure out what's wrong or even fix the problem yourself.

  • Check if the light comes on when you open the fridge. If it doesn't then it usually means that the fridge has weak or lost power. Make sure that the fridge is plugged in properly and open the fridge a few times to check the light.

  • Check the temperature setting. Sometimes, the temperature is too low for the amount of food and water stored in the fridge. If the food is not cooling after a while, turn the dial up, and keep that consistent. Adjust accordingly depending on how many items you add or remove from the fridge.

  • Clean the condenser coils regularly. To maintain the coolness of the fridge, air must flow freely through the condenser coils. Having too many boxes and containers cramped up can disrupt the airflow. Before cleaning out the coils, unplug the fridge first to avoid electric shock. Clean the coils off unused items, dirt, and frost.

Just like any other appliances, refrigerators can experience wear and tear every now and then. The best way to maximize the use of freezers and prolong its life is to maintain its cleanliness, perform routine inspection and use it with precaution. These simple steps will save you a couple of dollars on appliance repair. If, however, the fridge still won't cool after troubleshooting the problem, it's time to reach out to the expert appliance repairers. These professional repairers have the right tools to use so as not to cause further damage to the fridge.

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