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How To Thoroughly Clean Your Dryer

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The dryer is probably the last appliance you think to clean. How dirty can it possibly get, right? Wrong. The dryer can accumulate dust from lint and clothing, which can be a fire hazard. Cleaning your dryer is a good idea to do at least a few times per year. See below for instructions on how to clean your dryer.

What You'll Need:

  • Dryer vent brush
  • Vacuum (with hose attachment)
  • Vinegar
  • Cloth
  • New dryer vent hose
  • Screwdriver
  • Nut driver


Before cleaning your dryer, be sure to turn the power off.

  1. To start, pull out the lint trap. This should be cleaned in between every single cycle. Use your fingers to remove the lint and toss it in the trash.
  2. Keep the lint trap out and use your vacuum with attachment to get inside the trap. Lint can accumulate inside the trap and not cling to the filter. Clean up as much inside the trap as you can. You can also use a filter brush to clean out the trap as well.
  3. Next, inspect the inside drum of your dryer. Look for any residue or stains left inside the drum from things like gum, pens, and other items that could have been left in pockets or on clothing. Use a vinegar-soaked cloth to remove any residue left in the drum. Give the entire drum a good wipe-down.
  4. Remove the access panel at the bottom of the dryer. Open it to see inside, then use a vacuum with the hose attachment to vacuum the inside of the dryer. Try to keep away from any belts or moving parts inside, but vacuum up as much lint and dust as you can.
  5. Replace the access panel when finished.
  6. Remove the dryer vent hose at the back of the dryer using a nut driver. Inspect the inside. If it's completely full, just replace the vent hose entirely. If you only see a little bit of lint, use the vent brush to push out the lint to the other side.
  7. At the outside vent, use the vent brush to remove as much lint as possible. 
  8. Replace the vent hose when finished.
  9. Turn your dryer back on after you have replaced everything.

Your dryer does a pretty big job for your family. Keep it working as it should and prevent any dangerous hazards by cleaning it clean and removing lint. If you are experiencing any issues with your dryer, call a professional dryer repairman for help. Companies like Eco Appliance Service can help.