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Water In Your Washer? What You Can Do About It

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If you've ever done your laundry and found that there is still quite a bit of water in your washing machine, it can be a bit of a mess. All of that water soaking your clothing can begin to stink if it sits for too long, so getting it removed as soon as possible is your first step. See below for tips on how to remove the water from your machine and how to repair it.

Remove The Water

First, try to use the drain/rinse setting on your machine to get the water to drain out. If your machine doesn't have that setting, turn the dial to the spin cycle only to drain the water. If that doesn't work, remove your clothing from the water and wring out the water in a bathtub, shower, sink or outside. Next, take a bucket and remove as much water as you can from the machine. Any water left in the bottom can be removed by tilting your machine forward and using the bucket or shop vacuum to remove the remaining water.

Find The Clog

If there is water in your machine, it is most likely because of a clog in either the drain pump, lint trap or in the drain itself. Open up the bottom panel on your machine and keep a shallow bucket or bowl nearby, along with some towels. Find the drain pump and look inside to check for anything that may be clogging it such as small socks or something else. Pull out the clog if you've spotted something inside.

If you didn't see anything in the drain pump, check the lint trap. The lint trap is inside the same panel. Pull out the trap and remove the contents. Rinse the trap filter under warm water and replace it. Cleaning out this trap can also help prevent your washer from getting stinky, as the contents inside can begin to mildew and create a foul odor.

After checking the drain pump and lint trap, run a cycle on your machine. If your machine drains, then you've repaired the machine. If it is still not draining properly, you could have a clog in your drain. At this point, you may want to clean out your drain using a commercial drain clearing product.

When your washer has a lot of water still inside, it could be something simple such as too small of a load, or it could be something a little more complicated. If you aren't sure how to repair this, call a professional washer repair service for help.