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How To Keep Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently

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Your refrigerator keeps your food at the proper temperature so it is safe for eating. Food that you paid quite a bit of money for, so the last thing you want is to take a drink of milk and find that it is warm. Ensure your refrigerator is in good working order to prevent your food from going bad and check that it is running efficiently by following the tips below.

Clean The Refrigerator Out

Clean out the refrigerator often to remove any old or outdated food. This food could be taking up valuable space in your refrigerator and if you have too much, could prevent proper air flow throughout your refrigerator. Be sure you don't have any food blocking the vents inside your refrigerator, which could also hinder the air flow. If you don't have proper airflow, your refrigerator could be working overtime in an effort to keep the proper temperature. All of this over-running can cause a premature breakdown of your refrigerator.

Clean Behind The Refrigerator

Pull out the refrigerator and clean out the area behind it. Sometimes papers and other items can fall behind your refrigerator and can cause your refrigerator to over-heat. Clean any dust, pet hair and other debris that has accumulated behind the refrigerator. You may be surprised how much has built up back there, so this may be a job you should do a few times per year.

Clean The Coils

Find the coils of your refrigerator, which may be beneath or behind your refrigerator depending on the model of your appliance. Use your vacuum and hose attachment to vacuum the coils. If need be, unplug your appliance and give the coils a good wipe down with a damp cloth for stuck on-debris or dust. Wipe down the vent cover plate and coils that are beneath the refrigerator. When finished, plug the appliance back in and push it back into place.

Wipe Down Seals

The door seals are responsible for keeping the door sealed tightly so air doesn't escape. If your seals are cracked, dirty or broken it could cause your refrigerator to have pockets of warmer air, especially near the door, as the cooler air is escaping. Your refrigerator may be working overtime in an effort to keep the entire refrigerator at the proper temperature. Clean these seals often with a damp cloth or use mild detergent on the cloth and wipe them down to remove soapy residue. Dry the seals with a dry cloth. If the seals are broken, they should be replaced altogether. You can find replacement seals at your local appliance parts dealer or online.

Your refrigerator has a big job and is a very important appliance in your home. Take good care of this appliance to keep it running efficiently and to prevent premature breakdowns. Contact a company like D& S  Appliance for more information and assistance.