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Washer Repair Services When Your Washing Machine Breaks Down

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When your washing machine leaks or doesn't spin the laundry like normal, you may be tempted to go out and buy a new machine. Washer repair services can assess what is going on with your washing machine and fix your appliance so that you don't have to invest in a new one. Even when your washing machine is a bit older, small repairs are worth making instead of spending the money on a new one. The average lifespan of a washing machine is fourteen years. When you take good care of it and get small repairs made, you may even be able to get a few more years out of your washing machine.

If Your Washing Machine Leaks

A common problem that is easy to fix is when your washing machine leaks during the spin cycle. The most probable issue is your drain hose when you find water after a spin cycle. Check the integrity of the drain hose and make sure there aren't any cracks in it. If it is loose or has broken away from your washer, you'll need to have it replaced. Water comes into your washer through the fill hose, which can also leak. The inlet valve is another suspect when it comes to finding water on the floor.

If Your Washing Machine Won't Spin or Agitate

You may discover that your washing machine isn't getting the water out of your clothing as it should. If your washing machine has stopped agitating or won't spin during a cycle, make sure that the load isn't too large for the machine. The clothes should also be even within the machine. If the machine is shaking while it is trying to spin, it has become unbalanced and may need help from a washing machine repair technician.

If Your Machine Won't Run 

If you go to use your washing machine and nothing happens, the first thing to do is check the power. Once you know there is power to the machine. The motor could have overheated and turned off, or the lid switch may not be activated. Your machine is designed not to run when the lid is up. If it is closed, the lid switch may not sense this.

Washer repair services can keep your washing machine out of the landfill prematurely. Pay attention to strange noises and water leaks. Call washer repair services when your machine isn't working as it should.