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Wondering Whether Window Air Units Require Maintenance? 3 Things To Know

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Window air conditioning units provide convenient, affordable cooling for a variety of situations in the average home. Many homeowners utilize these appliances in areas of the home that are not fully served by an existing central air conditioning system, such as attics and additions that may have been added after the HVAC system was installed. Window air conditioners are also a good option for temporary use situations, such as when the central HVAC system is being repaired or replaced or when only a portion of the home requires cooling.

Because window air conditioning systems are relatively inexpensive to purchase and readily available at most home improvement and big box retail stores, a commonly made mistake is to consider them to be somewhat disposable in nature. Like most other appliances, however, regular maintenance can help to lengthen the lifespan and offer more economical operating costs for each window air conditioning appliance you own. 

Clean frequently

The first step in maintaining a window air conditioning unit and ensuring that it will perform efficiently for several years is to clean it frequently. In addition to keeping the removable filter clean, it is also a good idea to regularly clean the fins on the exterior of the unit and to vacuum or wipe away dust that may settle on the vented front panels of most models. 

Repair fin damage

During the process of seasonal installation and removal of these appliances, the fins that face both the interior and exterior surfaces of the unit can be easily damaged. Because these fins are made of thin aluminum, they can be easily crushed, rendering them unable to assist with capturing and releasing heat as efficiently as they should. Straightening areas of damaged or flattened fins is necessary to help restore proper airflow and protect the efficiency of the appliance. 

Open clogged drains

Another common issue that affects window air conditioning units is when the drain pan becomes clogged and unable to properly expel the condensate that forms during the cooling process. When working normally, a drain hole in the bottom of each window air conditioning unit provides a way for the condensate to drip harmlessly outside the home. If this drain hole becomes plugged by debris, dust, or mold, the condensate begins to pool in the drain pan and can then begin to seep out inside the home. 

Appliance repair services can come to your home to provide regular maintenance for window air conditioning appliances to help keep them clean and in good operating condition. To learn more about these services and how they can benefit your family, contact an air conditioning service in your area.