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Commonly Needed Washing Machine Repairs

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A washing machine will be an important appliance as you will likely need to use it several times a week to clean garments. Not surprisingly, this can result in the washing machine suffering extensive wear that may result in the washing machine needing to have components replaced. Learn more about some of the washing machine parts that may need replacements below.

Control Panels

The control panel will be the part of the washing machine that you may need to interact with the most frequently. As a result, it can be possible for the control panel to suffer extensive wear that could eventually make it non-responsive or more difficult to use than necessary. While this can seem like a severe problem, most washing machines will have control panels that are modular in design, which can make it relatively simple to remove the malfunctioning one and replace it. When choosing a replacement control panel, you will need to ensure that you get one that is compatible with your unit. Otherwise, you may lose some of the functionality of the washing machine.

Intake Hose And Valve

The intake hose and valve will be some of the components of a washing machine that may be the most likely to need to be replaced. The intense pressures that these components must withstand due to the water flowing into the unit can be extreme. In fact, this can eventually lead to the hose rupturing or the valve failing. While replacing the hose that connects to the washing machine may be fairly simple, the valve can be more tricky. This is due to the need to ensure that the valve is properly secured to the unit. Otherwise, it could be possible for the valve to come loose when it has large volumes of water flowing through it.


The ability of the washing machine to spin and rotate will be essential in allowing it to effectively clean the clothes that you put into it. To turn the washing machine's chamber, the unit will need a powerful motor as the weight of the clothes and the water in this chamber will be extreme. If the motor burns out, the washing machine may completely lose the ability to clean your garments. Fortunately, this motor can be replaced without having to buy an entirely new washing machine system. This repair can be among the more advanced as part of the washing machine may need to be taken apart in order to reach and remove this motor. For this type of repair, a professional may be needed. In addition to ensuring that the new motor is correctly installed, these professionals can also balance the motor so that the washing machine will work smoothly.