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4 Reasons For AC Condenser Malfunctions

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You need your AC in top condition to ensure optimum temperatures and a livable indoor environment whenever hot weather is prevalent. However, your AC can become a source of frustration if the condenser unit begins to malfunction. This may result in abnormal noises while the unit works harder to provide an average cooling output. 

If you fail to address the condenser issue promptly, it may break down, necessitating a replacement. Therefore, it is wise that you engage an AC appliance repair technician to inspect your system and fix the underlying malfunction. Below are some possible reasons behind your AC condenser malfunction:

Dirty Condenser Coils

The AC condenser coils get rid of heat from the air by expelling it to your home's exterior. Yet, the outdoor unit is subject to intrusion by elements such as plant matter, dirt, and grime. Over time, these elements may obstruct heat dissipation, causing heat retention in the system. As a result, the condenser will likely overheat and begin to malfunction. You should, therefore, hire an AC appliance repair professional to clean your system and ensure proper heat expulsion.

Fan Problems

The fan in the outdoor unit blows air from the indoor unit to release heat outside. Accordingly, the fan's rotation becomes restricted if its motor is faulty or lacks lubrication. In addition, foreign objects or debris penetrating the condenser cabinet may knock the fan out of position. This may bend the blades, hindering the fan from blowing air effectively. 

Consequently, the condenser unit overheats, causing the compressor to burn out. Therefore, it is advisable that you contact an AC contractor to fix the fan. They will also ensure that the condenser unit has adequate room and mount a protective casing to guard against outdoor elements.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your AC uses refrigerant as a heat transfer medium for absorbing heat and expelling it outdoors. Over time, the line may deteriorate due to formicary corrosion and leak refrigerant. This may cause the condenser to work excessively to circulate the limited refrigerant for heat absorption. As a result, additional strain on the compressor can lead to its burnout. Thus, you should engage an AC appliance repair technician to patch the refrigerant leaks for proper heat exchange.

Electrical Failure

If the electrical connections in the condenser unit become loose, they may cause a short circuit. Moreover, oxidation build-up on the relay contacts may lead to electrical degradation in the condenser. Consequently, these electrical malfunctions render the compressor and motor inoperable, preventing the unit from starting. Therefore, it is crucial to contact an AC expert to fix the wiring and ensure the effective flow of electricity.

Maintaining your AC is vital in ensuring the condenser unit operates efficiently. Thus, you should schedule tune-ups with an AC appliance repair specialist to inspect and clean your system for optimal performance.

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